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Vill bara meddela världen att jag nu är lycklig ägare till Derek Webb's 3 första studioalbum. Kom med posten igår, och är så bra!

Musikaliskt är det singer/songwriter - pop med lite countrydoft. Textmässigt är det kanske det mest utmanande sedan Keith Green tog flyget till himlen...

Ur A King And A Kingdom
there are two great lies that i’ve heard:
“the day you eat of the fruit of that tree, you will not surely die”
and that Jesus Christ was a white, middle-class republican

Ur Rich Young Ruler:
poverty is so hard to see
when it’s only on your tv and twenty miles across town
where we’re all living so good
that we moved out of Jesus’ neighborhood
where he’s hungry and not feeling so good
from going through our trash
he says, more than just your cash and coin
i want your time, i want your voice
i want the things you just can’t give me

Och ur The Church
- hela texten, faktiskt. Den här gör mig tårögd av någon anledning - antagligen min församlingsromantiska sida som sticker fram...
I have come with one purpose
to capture for myself a bride
by my life she is lovely
by my death she’s justified

i have always been her husband
though many lovers she has known
so with water i will wash her
and by my word alone

so when you hear the sound of the water
you will know you’re not alone

‘cause i haven’t come for only you
but for my people to pursue
you cannot care for me with no regard for her
if you love me you will love the church

i have long pursued her
as a harlot and a whore
but she will feast upon me
she will drink and thirst no more

so when you taste my flesh and my blood
you will know you’re not alone


there is none that can replace her
though there are many who will try
and though some may be her bridesmaids
they can never be my bride


Derek finns på Spotify iaf, och några låtar på Youtube oxå.



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